The next version of WELL

Launching May 2018

Healthy places for everyone

Rachel Gutter

Chief Product Officer

At IWBI, we see buildings and communities as powerful tools to advance health and wellness. When we look at data from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation on the Global Burden of Disease, we see how around the world, there are so many different ways we can work together to improve health and well-being in all of our communities. All of these opportunities to not only prevent disease but to actively promote health lay out very clearly that it’s more important than ever to propel our mission forward to build a healthier future.

Since its launch at the end of 2014, WELL has grown to encompass more than 760 projects in 32 countries. And along the way, we’ve learned a lot from the thousands of WELL users, practitioners and scientific experts from around the world who have helped refine our thinking. We’ve received thoughtful feedback about how WELL can more specifically respond to a wide mix of biological, environmental, and cultural ebbs and flows, while still retaining its global reach, customizable approach, scientific rigor and dedication to verified performance. We are grateful to have community members who are not only some of WELL's strongest advocates, but also our best resources for medical, scientific, technical, practitioner and policy guidance.

One of the main lessons we’ve learned to be true is that there's a world of difference between research and what happens on the ground. We have such a rare and powerful opportunity to bridge those two things; to have a real, tangible impact on the health of all the people that WELL touches. Each evidence-based enhancement helps us to be more responsive to the places and ways people are applying WELL, and to have a stronger impact in how we use our buildings as delivery systems for health and wellness benefits for everyone.

That’s why WELL was never meant to be static, but rather be responsive to new data, new challenges and better approaches. So we’re excited to let you know that we’ve taken the vast amount of input we’ve received over the past three years and used it to create the next version of WELL, which will be launched in pilot form at the end of May 2018.

Many pathways. One mission.

We understand that health concerns vary in each corner of the world. Through close collaboration with technical experts from around the globe, our goal is to ensure more pathways in WELL that reflect local realities, making it relevant and inclusive to all, while working within a global framework to deliver healthier buildings everywhere.

More project types. One WELL.

Designed to be applied to all buildings, the next version of WELL streamlines several existing pilot programs into one system, while remaining flexible enough to accommodate diverse project types. Through customized scorecards and an evolving feature library, our intent is to empower project teams to pursue the features that they care about most without sacrificing the comprehensive rigor that makes WELL the market’s premier tool of choice for leaders who value verified performance when the health and wellness of the people we care about is at stake.

New features. One impact.

To reflect the latest understanding of health research and the applicability of key interventions, IWBI has strengthened WELL’s strategies, evolving existing features and adding new ones. The next version of WELL will incorporate 10 concepts (Air, Water, Nourishment, Light, Fitness, Thermal Comfort, Sound, Materials, Mind and Community), clearly highlighting WELL’s range of approaches to advancing human health in our buildings. An improved performance verification process, a critical step in ensuring that WELL buildings are performing as intended, is also part of WELL’s evolution. The end result is a meaningful set of interrelated features, reviewed by experts, and designed for impact.

There are a host of other enhancements planned as we continue to tap into the knowledge of our experienced and engaged community, and we look forward to sharing more as we ready this next version for launch.

We credit every WELL user and WELL community member in creating and supporting this future vision for WELL, and for approaching this process with thoughtfulness, generosity and good humor. How we feel day in and day out is a result of many factors, but if we can improve the places and spaces where we spend so much of our time, we will make a huge difference.

We look forward to continuing to work with you in our shared mission to build a healthier future.